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Welcome to Maho.TV!
Hello, Nishi here!
This is the first version of our site, right now it is super basic and more of a demo to see how things work and to get ideas. I wanted to put this first version up in time for Maho's Birthday (July 1st) - Happy Birthday Maho-sama!
Right now we just have some demo videos, later the plan is to add more and add features so you can add your own and also import them from other places.
We would love to hear from you if you want to help or have ideas, please join us on in #Maho .

A note to creators
Sorry if any of the videos are yours, I hope to add details of who made them and also creator patreon details etc. Also the logo might have stolen some images, I think most are official, if not I apologise, I made it from things I had on my computer at the time.
Best Wishes, Nishi.

Video-JS Player

Quick Help
Double Click the video to start/exit Full Screen. When in full screen, click once to show/hide video controls, right click for menu.
On slow connections you may need to pause the video for a few seconds at the start, this will allow the buffer to get more of the file.
Look for the seek bar turning dark grey, the more grey the more in the buffer.
When playing MKV files, right click on the video and select "Subtitle tracks" --> "English"





Maho.TV is a work in progress, updates weekly, expect frequent changes, additions and random brokenness! Use at your own risk.

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